As the Austin Police Retirement System staff continue to strive to provide the greatest customer service to all our members, please note the following. System staff are available to serve you Monday through Friday, with normal business hours of 8:00 to 5:00. However, we are not receiving any unscheduled drop-in visitors. Those practices are long in the past, as at the outset of the pandemic we had to adapt to more remote service. Almost all our customer service now is done by email, phone, or the website member portal. Although this approach began at the outset of the pandemic, we learned that it gives us a greater opportunity to be much more efficient and provide greater service, especially in this recent time of significantly increasing retirements and related activities. 

Please reach out first by phone or email about any of your needs, and we will determine together how to best address your requests. This website has a lot of good information that could answer many of your questions. You may also reach us by phone or email: (512) 416-7672 or [email protected].