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Board of Trustees

Chair / Police Member: Sheldon Askew

Vice Chair / Retired Member: Keith Harrison

Police Member: Michael Burgeson

Retired Member: Michael Cowden

City Council Appointee: Michael Granof

Police Member: Shelly Holmstrom

City Council Member: Mackenzie Kelly

City Manager Designee: Kerri Lang

Police Member: Christopher Salacki

Director of Finance Designee: Diana Thomas

Board Appointee: Chesley Wood


Committee Members

Goals & Objectives Committee

Michael Cowden, Chair
Christopher Salacki, Vice Chair
Michael Burgeson
Kerri Lang
Chesley Wood
1st Alternate: Keith Harrison
2nd Alternate: Shelly Holmstrom

Investment Committee Members

Keith Harrison, Chair
Michael Cowden, Vice Chair
Christopher Salacki
Diana Thomas
Chesley Wood
1st Alternate: Michael Granof
2nd Alternate: Michael Burgeson

Disability Committee Members

Michael Granof, Chair
Keith Harrison, Vice Chair
Shelly Holmstrom
Mackenzie Kelly
Christopher Salacki
1st Alternate: Kerri Lang
2nd Alternate: Chesley Wood

Ethics Committee Members

Christopher Salacki, Chair
Michael Cowden
Mackenzie Kelly

Pension Administration Software (PAS) Committee

Keith Harrison, Chair
Michael Burgeson
Diana Thomas

In the event, a quorum of three cannot be in attendance the alternates will be called.